“Look on the bright side” is what we are usually told into our mind when the feel of hope is fainting on us, but we are rarely told the fact, which we may be subconsciously aware, there is a dark side that we have to get away from.  Without the dark side wouldn’t we have to look on the bright.  The bright comes out of the dark; the dark shadows the bright.  The struggling is not to find the bright side to look onto but to get out of the dark side which is such vividly imposed on us that the darker we are against, the brighter we desire to seek for; the more hopeless we are as the dark chokes the breath of the life, the more desperate we try to clutch the last ember of the bright to inhale even just a bit of the air to survive one more fleeting second.

So, it is not only to look on the bright side but also look from the dark.  It will be like peeling off the scab, feeling the pain one more time, even deeper than the wound was firstly inflicted.  Then, we won’t be too optimistic when we look to the bright, and won’t be too pessimistic when we are hit by the dark.  Balance is what it is. Looking at two sides, balancing the dark and the bright, weighting the reality with the dream, seeing the needs against the wants, realizing being the self but not being controlled by the self, is the path, if we can stumble through.

Life is a tunnel and the meaning of life is a long reach at the far end of it. We never reach it if we wonder around at the entrance.  To complete the journey and come out from the far end, there is nothing we can do but set our foot in, although there is no guarantee of a bright exit. This is why it takes good virtues to find the meaning of life.  See both sides. Go through the dark, come out of the bright, and reach what is waiting at the far end.