Monthly Archives: November 2015


I was watching this TED video about Syria refugees risking their lives to cross oceans for seeking safety.  And I cried when I watched this video.


I cried because many people died, including several little babies.

I cried because I cannot do anything for those who suffer while I am having a much better life.

I cried because because I am ashamed.


I am ashamed – as a employee, I come to work every day, thinking about how to make profit, while millions out there can’t not even have basic living.

I am ashamed – as a family man, I think about how to give a better life to my family, better education for my kid, while many babies could not even survive in their infancy .

I am ashamed – as an engineer I thought I am capable to change the world, I actually can do nothing while millions are suffering.


I hope I can do something.

waking up

I am waking up, not fully awake, but enough to feel alone.


I know a little, not a whole lot, but enough to feel outcast.


I am searching ..

searching for the route.


I am looking ..

looking for companies to be on the route together.